( Foh | Toh | Bee )

Specializing in executing shoots for secret proposals as well as creative projects, Fotobii aims to illuminate and inspire. 


Proposals & Engagements - Illuminating Love

I find that proposals are a special breed of love display. From the first date, to the proposal, the wedding, and finally having kids, the proposal is the first step to showing true commitment.

Traditionally, the man is to lead the relationship. When the man lowers himself and gets down on one knee, it symbolizes 2 things:

1)  Honor - Just like a knight being honored by Kings and Queens, the gentleman is asking his lady to give him the honor of journeying through life together in marriage.

2) Servant-hood - By lowering himself, his posture is saying that he will put her needs above his own. Even though he will eventually be the head of the family, he vows to lead by serving her so that she may follow by serving him back. 

This is the reason we have chosen to devote our skills and abilities on capturing these special moments. The hope is that the photos we capture will visually remind you of the statement made when he went down on one knee and she said 'Yes!'. We also love to tell the story of the couples journey if we are given the opportunity to have an engagement sitting.

 We understand that proposals are often a personal and private matter so our goal is to capture the moment with stealth and precision. The name "Fotobii" is the combination of the words Photo and Shinobi. As your modern day photography ninjas, we pledge to deliver on our honor.










Creative Projects - Inspiring Dreams

Growing up, I was strongly influenced by Japanese anime and American cartoons (I still am). After analyzing the appeal of my favourite TV shows and cartoons, I realize that I was infatuated by the transformations from the ordinary to extraordinary (often accompanied by an awesome transition clip). I would love to start projects that would place my viewers in a different world - a place that only dreamers can go (I know, cheesy...).